YEAR: 2016
Chatham Rotary raised $4,000 for this project, and a Matching Grant from the Rotary Foundation for $4,000.



Monetary donation and volunteer labor from CRC  assisted with the costs of refurbishing the park.  There had been no upgrades since 1998 and it was time to remedy this.  The Park gets regular use and the Club Members decided that they needed to be a part of this community project.



The impacts of this part, as with all small town parks affect young, old, and in between.  It provides an "outdoor space" to get out of the house.  It serves the young with playgrounds and basketball courts.  It serves the adults with a place to gather socially and it provides a good time for all!  Chatham Rotary is proud to have been a part of this project, both with funding as well as some volunteer work.