When:   1st & 3rd Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
Where:  Hunt & Co. BBQ
24 Reid St.
Chatham, VA


When:   2nd & 4th Tuesdays at 6:00 PM
Where:  The Train Depot
340 Whitehead St.
Chatham, VA

A Brief History

The Chatham Rotary Club was organized in March 1939. Around one hundred persons attended Charter Night, which was held at Chatham Hall. The Danville Club, represented by Curtis Bishop and Bascorn Jordan, sponsored our Club. Ed Brush, business manager at Chatham Hall, was elected the first president by thirteen men who signed the charter.


Start DateEnd DateNAME
19391940Ed Brush
19401941Cam Whitehead 1
19401941Bob Duncan
19411942Langhorne Jones, Sr.
19421943Happy Hammer
19431944Aubrey Camden
19441945J. Sam White
19451946Harry Elmore
19461947Bob Grubb
19471948Haile Fitzgerald
19481949Leslie Jones
19491950Tom Clark
19501951Herman Henderson
19511952Jack Hunt
19521953Charles Hagberg
19531954Girard Thompson
19541955Pete Brewster
19551956Bill White 2
19551956Jim Law
19561957John Law
19571958Jim Parsons
19581959Wirt Wills
19591960Otis Shelton
19601961Harry Land
19611962Leland LaGanke
19621963W.C. Thompson
19631964Herman Melton
19641965Marvin Winn
19651966Byron Huckaby
19661967Joseph M. Whitehead
19671968Robert Neal, III
19681969H. Victor Millner, Jr.
19691970Girard Thompson, Jr.
19701971Paul East
19711972William Orben
19721973Ben Davenport, Jr. **
19731974Claude Whitehead, Jr.
19741975Dallas Stallings
19751976James H. Grant
19761977John Friend, Jr.
19771978Thomas Motley, III
19781979Coleman Yeatts, Jr. **
19791980Jude Craddock
19801981Langhorne Jones, Sr.
19811982Jeffrey Guenther
19821983Theodore Bruning, Jr. **
19831984Walter Burch
19841985Rudolph Shupik, Jr.
19851986H. Victor Millner, Jr.
19861987Thomas Stump **
19871988Robert Vines
19881989Daniel Angell
19891990William Lorimer
19901991Earl Hedrick
19911992William Black **
19921993Frank Young
19931994Jerry Garrison
19941995Tim Fisk
19951996Graham Evans
19961997Lewis Wall
19971998Charles Strauss **
19981999Starling McKenzie
19992000Ruth Barnard
20002001Jerry Price
20012002Robert Fuller
20022003Wayne Roberts
20032004Tal Nowell
20042005Mollie Holmes **
20052006Walter Sullivan **
20062007Carol Motley **
20072008Phil Mauger **
20082009Chuck Warnock
20092010Dick Camp **
20102011Wayne Roberts
20112012Charles Strauss **
20122013Rachel del Campo Gatewood **
20132014Nina Beth Thornton**
20142015Robert Adams**
20152016Donna Yeatts**
20162017Fred Mitchell
20172018Paul Nicholson
20182019Phil Mauger **

**Past Presidents (current members)

1 CAM WHITEHEAD entered Armed Forces - Vice-President Bob Duncan filled out the term.

2 BILL WHITE presided at only two meetings - he was fatally injured in an automobile accident - Vice-President Jim Law filled out the term.

Founding Members: Ed Brush, Cam Whitehead, Bob Duncan, Langhorne Jones, Sr., Happy Hammer, and Aubrey Camden