Chatham Rotary Club has had a busy few weeks during June as we approached the end of the Rotary Year.  A variety of programs and events have highlighted the month.  Points of interest for the period include award of Paul Harris Fellow pins for several club members who have achieved multiple levels of giving to the Rotary Foundation. Ted Bruning received his PHF Plus 2 pin, followed by Donna Yeatts for PHF Plus 4 and Robert Adams for PHF Plus 5.  Congratulations to each and thanks for Service Above Self.

Rotary Programs have included a very interesting legislative review by Chatham Rotary Club Member Les Adams highlighting the actions and accomplishments of the Virginia Legislature during this past session.

That was followed by an outstanding program by Faith Stamps, Executive Director of the Danville Area Boys and Girls Club.  Faith highlighted the activities of the Club since their move to their current location in the former Woodlawn school building in Tight Squeeze.  She brought the Rotary Club members up to date on the new model for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America which shifts the emphasis from just having a place for our youth to hang out and play basketball and ping pong in the afternoon to a program that has a focus on quality in Leadership, STEM, and Academics.








Faith Stamps is presented a $1,000 check in support of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Danville Area by Club President Paul Nicholson.


As Chatham Rotary begins the new Rotary Year on July 1, new officers include the following:
  • President..Paul Nicholson
  • President Elect and Treasurer..Phil Mauger
  • Secretary..Bill Black
  • Sergeant at Arms..Walter Sullivan
  • Directors..Rachel del Gatewood, Alvin Crider, and Will Scott.
Key Committee Chairs:
  • Administration, Charlie Strauss
  • Public Relations, Donna Yeattts
  • Membership, Bob Wickboldt
  • Projects, Alisa Davis
  • Rotary Foundation, Robert Adams

June included lots of fun events for the club as well with our annual summer picnic being hosted by Paul and Kim Nicholson at their home.  The highlight of the event: setting a record with thirteen Rotarians on a pool float at one time……what fun!

Rotarians Walter Sullivan, Robert Wickboldt and Coleman Yeatts enjoyed a very productive stripper fishing trip on Smith Mountain Lake as well.


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