2,500,000 miles

Rotarians and friends of Rotary responded enthusiastically when the call went out on social networks to vote for Rotary in United’s 10 Million Charity Miles Giveaway, which was held in December. As a result, we came in second place and received 2.5 million miles.

It was recently determined that some of the miles will be used for the following: volunteers participating in National Immunization Days; Gift of Life trips bringing children and their mothers to the United States for surgery; Rotary Friendship Exchanges; sending a student and parent to a Rotary institute or peace conference in celebration of Interact’s 50th anniversary; supporting service projects in each of Rotary’s six areas of focus; and sending participants to a peace conference in Berlin, a Rotary education event in Myanmar, and the Global Poverty Project Concert in New York City.

Learn more at http://www.rotary.org/en/MediaAndNews/News/Pages/120328_news_rotarymiles.aspx?fb


Your vote helps win second place in United Airlines’ giveaway contest Outstaffing, Inc.

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  1. Linwood Cook says:

    Thanks Margie and Phil! I’ll use this as my Rotary Minute on Tuesday.


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