GSE Team Visits Chatham

The GSE Team recently visited Chatham.  During their visit they spent 4 days (3/8-12) as guests of Chatham Rotary Club.  They were hosted by Rotarians Ben Davenport, Dick Camp, Charlie Strauss, Bill Black and Laura Adcock.

Click on the photo to view the entire album.

About the Team:

Andrea Pinna led the team from D2030 in northern Italy.  This district was recently divided into two districts – he comes from the southern portion near Genoa.  Andrea is an associate professor with research interests in digital electronics and applications in the health industry.

Andrea Marelli is a communications officer for the Piedmont Regional Agricultural Directorate.  Valentina Solera is a free lance architect specializing in interior design for buildings.  Enrico Arona is a lawyer and excited to be spending time visiting courtrooms and a day with a real sheriff in D7570!  Andrea Nicolotti is a professor of Christianity and the University of Turin and an opera singer.

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