At our August 9 meeting several Presentations were made. 

4H - Julie Weddle


Julie Weddle from Virginia Cooperative Extension accepted a $750 Donation in support of a Carnival at 4H Summer Camp.


 Chatham First - Ron Brown 

Ron Brown from Chatham First accepted a $3200 donation for the Chatham Beautification project to add a sign at the South Entrance to Chatham. 


 Chatham Cares - Hal Thornton 

Hal Thornton, President of the Board of Chatham Cares accepted a donation of $2000 to benefit Chatham Community Center.



Boys and Girls - Christine Baggerly


Christine Baggerly, President of the Board of the Danville Boys & Girls Club accepted a donation of $1000 to benefit the Chatham and Danville Boys & Girls Clubs. 



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