Most Rotarians know that for several decades, Rotary has operated with four Avenues of Service: namely Club Service, Vocational Service, Community Service, and International Service. But an unusual thing happened at the 2010 Council on Legislation! The proposed enactment to add a fifth Avenue of Service was approved by the Council after being rejected at previous Councils….

The new fifth Avenue of Service, can help Rotary grow. Read the complete RI president’s April message.


  • Linwood Cook,


    I know that you agree with the RI President 5th avenue of involment, in the youth and young adult involment.

    This could be a new effort under Charlie’s leadership.


  • Phil,

    Charlie, what do you think? I think it would be great if we could co-host an exchange student. Also, Donna found that Gretna HS does not have an Interact Club. We could sponsor one. We should also look to send some kids to RYLA this year.

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