Japan Disaster Update

A shortage of food and water continue in Japan. Read eyewitness accounts about the tsunami’s devastation. Read article on RI website.

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3 Responses to Japan Disaster Update

  1. Linwood Cook says:


    This woudl be a great quote to have on the “big screen” at the auction.
    “Kuroda says Rotary clubs are doing what they can to support those affected by the disaster. Despite the shortage of gasoline, many Rotarians are driving to deliver supplies to the areas most in need. We all, as Rotarians, are working together. I am deeply moved by what I’m seeing Rotarians do.”


  2. Phil says:

    Good idea. I will try and see if we can work this in. I wish we could get all Rotarians involved in the new website the way you are.

  3. Dick Camp says:

    Phil be patient, it takes time!
    I also think the picture of Chatham by the well in Ghana would be great for the auction show!

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