Hosted by Dr. Robert Meadows

True Colors uses colors to identify four distinct perspectives and personalities.  Each color represents an individual’s character.  Understanding your True Colors and the colors of your classmates, friends, siblings, parents, and others will bring about new awareness in not only understanding yourself and others, but will make you more effective in your relationships with these important people in your life.

This workshop is available to High School age students.  If you know someone in that age range, please forward this information to them.  For Registration cards, get in touch with Phil.


  • Chris Anderson,

    I think both of my High School boys will be there, the 4H club actually sent a letter home about it. Looks like its getting good publicity.

    • phil,

      Your boys will enjoy it, it’s a great program. Get them to bring their friends, we will have registration at the door. Thanks!

  • Phil Mauger,

    Great. If they want to register kids they don’t have to have “The Cards” as long as we can get the sign-up information that is on it. Thanks Chris

  • Linwood Cook,

    I and going to be there to help register the youth that come that day.

    Hoping Jessica and Kayla will be there.


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